Who We Are

Six years ago when John first approached me to take the CLS Tool to market Jen and I were planning our wedding and honeymoon and had no extra time to get this project off the ground.  He was however kind enough to give me a couple of the original prototypes to use.  Boy Scouts and my Dad, who worked ore freighters on the Great Lakes to pay for college, began my interest in knot types, uses, and strengths and several years of rock climbing solidified it.  The tools John brought me were of mediocre quality and needed a lot of fine tuning but quickly became the only one I carried and the envy of my fishing buddies.  Fast forward five years and after losing several and giving away the others I was down to one lonely tool.  I figured it was now or never and went to John to tell him I was finally ready; however, I would need to make several modifications to make it market-ready, to which he quickly agreed.  So after six years, hundreds of beers, multiple prototypes, and months of field testing we finally bring you the CLS Tool.